GTA III Going Mobile

It’s been a while since Grand Theft Auto entered into third person perspective gaming after being top-down two dimension, in fact, it’s been ten years since it went all open-world on our asses.

Grand Theft Auto III
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The mobile release will be fairly restricted though, most likely because of certain specification requirements…
Apple iOS Devices: iPad 2, iPhone 4S
Android Phones: Droid X2, HTC Evo 2, LG Optimus 2X, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Galaxy S2
Android Tablets: Acer Iconia, Asus Eee Pad, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
You may or may not recall that the main characters name was Claude, Rockstar have also announced that, for the recommended retail price of just $149.99, you could pre-order and be the awesomely proud owner if a fully articulated 1:6 scale action figure of Claude who comes dressed in his original attire of cargo pants and a bomber jacket, but can also sport his iconic Liberty City Prison-issued jumpsuit (supplied) and comes equipped with an arsenal of classic weapons from GTA III including a bat, knife, grenades, pistol, sniper rifle, and assault rifle.
To pre-order the limited edition (US only at the moment as far as I know), then visit the Rockstar Warehouse or if you want the chance to win one, complete the entry form at in the next few days to have a chance of being one of three winners.