What's Drifting Onto DSiWare/WiiWare This Week?

Get ready for action with Drift Street International for Nintendo DSiWare. Speed around the city streets of the world in daring drag races, or explore the wondrous world of Disney at night launching your own rockets over different Disney kingdoms with Disney Fireworks.
There’s yet more action-packed excitement on the Wii with Wild Guns for Virtual Console and HoopWorld: BasketBrawl on WiiWare. Shoot your way past robots and outlaws in an explosive 2-player co-op mode, or challenge friends to arcade-style basketball games set in mysterious ancient ruins.
For those with a competitive edge, get together with friends and family and see who has the best memory and reflexes with Family Card Games.

Nintendo DSiWare – Drift Street International
(Tantalus, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)

Drift Street International is the ultimate high-speed, street racing experience, exclusively for Nintendo DSiWare.
Slide and boost your tuned performance car around the challenging city streets of the US, UK and Japan in high-intensity midnight races.
Test your skills against challenging, aggressive AI drivers, or take on your friends in four-player, head-to-head wireless races. Each track also hosts arcade-style checkpoint races and challenging speed trials for more fast-action fun.
Nintendo DSiWare – Disney Fireworks
(Disney Interactive Studios, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls… touch and flick the controller to trigger a dazzling night-time extravaganza of colour and fun with Disney Fireworks! Launch rockets into the sky, aiming to hit their matching colours and ignite an explosion to score points. Time them perfectly to improve your WOW! Meter which unlocks special surprises and more rockets.
Disney Fireworks comes with five themed settings:

  • Light up the night sky over Disney’s Magic Kingdom
  • Fly fireworks over Neverland
  • The beautiful islands of Hawaii, which are the setting for Lilo and Stitch
  • Conjure up some magic with Mickey in Fantasia’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  • Finally, the city of Agrabah glows as fireworks reflect off Jasmine’s Castle the Sultan’s Palace

Disney Fireworks includes original music, 15 challenging levels of difficulty for each world, high score tracking, and much more.
Virtual Console – Wild Guns
(Natsume Inc, Super Nintendo, 800 Wii Points)

It’s the wildest western you’ll have ever seen in this action-packed, 3rd-person shooter game! The Kid gang and their army of robots have taken over the town and the only one who can stop them is Clint, a tough-as-nails bounty hunter. And then there’s Annie, a beautiful but deadly woman with a serious score to settle.
Blast your way past villainous outlaws, diabolical robots and towering bosses either alone or with a friend at your side, in the 2-player co-operative mode. You’ll need a sharp eye and quick reflexes, but fortunately you’ve got plenty of moves to help you survive the hail of bullets heading your way. You can dive-roll, jump, double jump, rope enemies with a lasso, as well as clear the screen with explosive special attacks. Blow apart just about everything around you to find guns, bombs, and other hidden power-ups. It’s up to you to bring justice back to town – or whatever’s left of it when the gun smoke clears…
WiiWare – HoopWorld: BasketBrawl
(Virtual Toys S.L., 1000 Wii Points)

Long ago, a lost civilization called the Elders, who worshipped the magical power of Nature, built a network of sacred temples around the world. Millennia have since passed, and the temples lie in ruins. But their energy still resonates from the ruins, attracting adventurers from distant lands. Drawn by an unknown force, friends have begun to rebuild the ruins into ball courts, knowing only they can relive the time-honoured test of the spirit of the Elders, the game now known as basketball.
HoopWorld: BasketBrawl is a three-on-three basketball game with an arcade twist: unique characters and beautiful natural locations set the stage, whilst fighting and random power-ups keep the game fast and rough. Choose your favourite team and basket-brawl across the globe to become the undisputed World Champions. Play on your own or with a friend and see if you can beat the leaders of the HoopWorld global ranking.
WiiWare – Family Card Games
(ARC SYSTEM WORKS, 500 Wii Points)

Daddy, Mummy, Sarah, and Billy are back for some good old card game action. Try your hand at one of three card games – Daifugo, Speed, and Memory.
Family Card Games contains appealing graphics and endearing music, on top of the friendly competitive match-ups. You can play 1-player Daifugo, or play up to three other random players in an online match. You can also view your ranking and see how you match up with players around the world.
Both Speed and Memory are available to play online as well. Test your reflexes and card prowess against other players in Speed to see who truly has the fastest hands. Memory will test your mental capacity as you try to remember where cards and their respective matches are. Do you have it in you to be both the fastest and the smartest among your friends and family?