Miner Wars 2081 Gets Advanced Engine

Keen Software House has announced that Miner Wars 2081 will benefit from a new update which sees improvements with an advanced rendering engine and new features.

New rendering engine features:

  • – Image-Based Anti-Aliasing (FXAA).
  • – Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO).
  • – Real spot lights with shadows.
  • – Sun light with much better precision.
  • – HDR, environmental textures, bloom/blur.
  • – Multiple monitor support.

New game and editor features:

  • – Modular mothership weapons – large weapons and turrets that can aim and shoot at enemy!
  • – Third person camera (attached behind your spaceship).
  • – Many new prefabs for the game and editor – tunnels, chambers, armor, rooms.
  • – Special prefab types – lights, kinematic prefabs (doors).
  • – 12 new playable space ships (that means 22 playable space ships in the current build).
  • – Improved mouse and keyboard controls, allowing for more intuitive gameplay.
  • – Improved and fixed explosions with more debris.
  • – Holographic semi-transparent markers to show true scale proportions of the in-game objects (size of a ship, man etc.) – apart of their practical function, they look great, especially with the implemented HDR and emissive textures.
  • – Many other fixes and enhancements.