Steam DotD: Cold Fear 50% Off

Just before the zombie infestation hit gamers full in the face, there were still some decent action shooters out there, but how many can claim to be set on a Russian whaling ship? As far as I know, only Cold Fear can.

Cold Fear
Game info and features:
In a ferocious Arctic storm, distress signals are sent from a mysterious Russian whaler. As leading Coast Guard veteran Tom Hansen, you board to investigate — and discover unthinkable horrors lurking beneath the ship’s bloodstained decks.

  • Brave dangerous waters: Rocked by huge breakers, you must steady your nerves — and aim — to evade a watery grave.
  • Keep your bearings: Battle against increasingly mutated enemies in treacherous, unstable environments.
  • Unleash a torrent of weapons: Create fatal traps and use shotguns, flame throwers, or any object you can find to survive.

It can be yours for just £2.49 until 6pm tomorrow.