Dizzy, He'll Make Your Daughter Smile

The 1980’s brought gaming into people’s homes, not so much with consoles as it was only until the late 80’s that saw the birth of the kind of consoles we know and love today (ooh, deja vu… sure I’ve said that before..), but the ZX Spectrum and Commodore computers brought gaming into the lives of everybody.

Memory was very limited way back then as Megabytes hadn’t really been heard of in terms of home computers and the ‘delivery system’ was by audio cassette, floppy disks of any kind was still a little further into the future due to it being 1982 and we’re only talking Speccy 16K and Vic 20 here.
Move on a couple of years and the Spectrum has been boosted to a massive 48K and the Commodore 64 has more of a prominent role in households, more developers are coming out of the woodwork to provide more games for them and the quality is starting to improve. Only one problem, Codemasters is still another couple of years away, so let’s fast forward to 1986…
The Darling Brothers decide to leave Mastertronic to create their own company called Codemasters, with  this revolutionary event in videogame history, the white egg-shaped legendary icon is brought into existence thanks to the Oliver Twins who developed the Dizzy series. On June, 1986 a new character appeared and became synonymous as the face of Codemasters and was until 1992 when the final game, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy became the last Dizzy title to be released.
Twenty years after it’s original release, Dizzy is coming back in a way you wouldn’t have thought of. Android, iOS device users can rejoice in knowing that Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk is to be launched very soon, the game which was considered the best Dizzy game of all time. Not only will it have the best graphics (yes, even better than the Amiga or Atari ST versions), but will have the HD treatment, too all thanks to modern technology and the fact that the average smartphone is around 1000 times better than the original computers it was originally developed for.
As ever, his friends, the Yolkfolk, are in trouble and need saving from danger. On this occasion, girlfriend Daisy has been trapped in mysterious castle while our hero has been locked in an underground dungeon by Rockwart the troll on orders from Evil Wizard Zaks (boo and hiss). Collect objects and solve puzzles as Dizzy continues on his quest to rescue his beloved Daisy from a mysterious castle.

DizzyPoYF01.jpg DizzyPoYF02.jpg DizzyPoYF03.jpg DizzyPoYF04.jpg DizzyPoYF05.jpg DizzyPoYF06.jpg DizzyPoYF07.jpg DizzyPoYF08.jpg DizzyPoYF09.jpg DizzyPoYF10.jpg DizzyPoYF11.jpg DizzyPoYF12.jpg DizzyPoYF13.jpg DizzyPoYF14.jpg DizzyPoYF15.jpg

Don’t think the game is easy, oh no, back in the day, it took people a little while to figure out how to escape the dungeon you start in. Whether that was due to the monochromatic graphical style or just that you didn’t know what to expect (could have gone with the ‘eggspect’ pun there…), it’s not just a case of running around solving little puzzles, you will need to get your brain working in order to progress to different stages of the game.

Anyway, before this turns into a review, you will be able to buy Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk from the iTunes App Store and Android Market from December 9th, no details of the price just yet, but will let you know when the information beomes available. Also, visit the official website for everything you need to know – www.DizzyGame.com.

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