PlayStation 3 Gets v4 Update, Ready for Vita

The Official PlayStation Blog has revealed details of an upcoming update for the PlayStation 3 which adds features in order to create compatibility with the Vita that’s due for a European release in February 2012.

English: The 120GB PS3 "Slim" model....

PlayStation Plus members can now choose to enable or disable each automatic update feature:

  • Game patches
  • System software
  • Recommended games and videos
  • Sync trophy information

New PSN privacy settings for filtering friend requests and messages.
The update will come in time for the Japanese release of the PlayStation Vita and allow the PlayStation 3 to become a content management device, so that you can back up all your Vita games, music, photos, saves and videos to the PS3 hard drive, as well as update the PS Vita through the PS3’s network features. Considering the basic version of the Vita has Wi-Fi, I’m guessing you should be able to update it that way?!
Anyway, the v4.00 PlayStation 3 update should be available some time this week.