Get In A Crisis With A Star On Xbox Indie

What happens when you take a traditional concept and transform it into a nontraditional experience? Strap on your jetpack and grab your laser rifle to find out! Available now on Xbox LIVE Indie Games, Star Crisis offers a cruise through space that’s not quite like any other.
This side-scrolling shooter features a simple space marine (and an optional friend) who must drift among the stars to defend his planet from an alien invasion – without the usual conveniences of space battle (such as a powerful starship).

Featuring 2-player simultaneous action, three difficulty modes in mission-based play, and a challenging ‘endless’ mode, Star Crisis delivers lasting value and entertainment for gamers of all creeds and skill levels. You won’t want to stop until you’ve traversed every mission and brought down the monstrous alien mothership!
In typical Excalibur Studios style, Star Crisis sparks the imagination with carefully-crafted pixel art and finely-chiptuned music. Give it a trial run now on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games marketplace, or purchase the entire experience for a mere 80 Microsoft Points.
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Source: Press release.