New Xbox 360 Dashboard Coming Next Week

Just seven more days before the latest dashboard update is released for everyone else that didn’t take part in the preview program and your Xbox 360 experience will change, maybe forever.

From what I’ve seen, it’s similar to what Windows 8 is going to look like which is basically a bunch of panels of the stuff that you need to access.

Some of the features:
  • New personal and social features including Cloud Storage for Game Saves and LIVE Profile
  • Beacons and Facebook Sharing
  • Enhanced Family Settings
  • Integrated voice and gesture controls across the dashboard and in apps
  • Bing voice search (Available this year in the US, UK and CA)

Be prepared on December 6th for a change we’re all going to have to get used to, whether we like it or not. Personally, I’m not that keen on the panelled appearance, but it’s happening anyway.

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