Kid Vs Kat Scrap It Out On iPad

One of the better shows on Disney XD has a game available on the App Store for iPad, Kid Vs Kat: Kat Attack was developed by Konami who have managed to put the shows visuals, music and sound effects straight from the hit television show.

Kid vs. KatThe blurb:
Kid vs. Kat: Kat Attack is a tower-defense game featuring the nefarious Kat Kommander and the devious Mr. Kat who are plotting world domination. Only Coop Burtonburger and his best friend Dennis can stop the scheming cybernetic aliens.  Armed with Laser Gnomes, Slime Hairball Guns, Tesla Towers, and even Mr. Cheeks, Coop must defend against waves of Mr. Kat’s robotic minions. With vibrant cartoon graphics and simple gameplay, Kid vs. Kat: Kat Attack introduces a humorous storyline to players of all ages.
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