Xbox Live Dashboard is So Metro

By now, everyone with an Xbox 360 should have the new ‘Metro’ Dashboard, which once again, makes it more difficult to locate stuff and has adverts which do nothing to lower the price of Xbox Live Gold membership, so what’s the point?


XBLFall201101.JPG XBLFall201102.JPG XBLFall201103.JPG XBLFall201104.JPG XBLFall201105.JPG XBLFall201106.JPG XBLFall201107.JPG XBLFall201108.JPG XBLFall201109.JPG XBLFall201110.JPG XBLFall201111.JPG XBLFall201112.JPG XBLFall201113.JPG

Apparently, YouTube is now available and 4oD should arrive on December 20th.
Apologies for the quality of the images, they’re photographs.