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Tropico 4 Plantador DLC Out Now

If you’re still ruling as El Presidente and need something more to help bring in extra dinero, the Plantador downloadable content will allow you to start creating plantations and grow more than in just those little farms plotted around the place.


Tropico4Plantador01.jpg Tropico4Plantador02.jpg Tropico4Plantador03.jpg Tropico4Plantador04.jpg Tropico4Plantador05.jpg Tropico4Plantador06.jpg

DLC info:
Get into the plantation business! Construct new plantations for more workers and larger fields, choose the “Plantador” character trait for improved agricultural production and export prices, and wear a sombrero. New decoration items include a water reservoir, a windmill, flower beds and trees. The mission “Research” challenges you to build a profitable industry while researching and unlocking new buildings as you go.

  • Building: Plantation – very large farm that can produce cash crops such as sugar, tobacco and coffee. The Plantation houses more workers and has more fields than the normal farm
  • Character Trait: Plantador – Improved agriculture production and export prices
  • Character Outfit / Vanity Item: Sombrero  – for male and female avatars
  • Decorations: Water reservoir, wind propeller, water tower and more!

It’s on Steam for £3.99 and on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 MSP.