Create the Helmet of Baconborn!

It’s Sunday, you do nothing all day except cook dinner and go to church (or other religious building in which you pray) and after that, you wonder what else there is to pass the time away. Something different that’s beyond the realms of casual entertainment, you’re feeling creative and find yourself in abundance of epic meaty goodness…

You find a hot air gun, some wire and foil… and around five pounds of bacon…
You spot something online from your favourite game of the year, it’s that horned helmet from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but you think to yourself just how difficult it would be to forge such an item from metal and besides, you didn’t take metalwork at school and being suburban, the horns would be hard to come by.
OF COURSE! With the aforementioned materials at your disposal, you assemble them to fashion said helmet using the wire as a frame and the foil to form the shape, now how are you going to cook it so that it all stays in shape and not collapse in a greasy, meaty mess?
The oven, an obvious choice considering the dimensions of the headwear, I mean, you are going to at least try it on… once.. right? You did remember to measure it so that you can actually wear this unique, but mouth watering noggin protector?
Ah, you did, but it seems this guy forgot that there is foil inside and stays hot for quite a while, a mistake I wouldn’t want any of you guys to replicate and remember to keep it fresh for as long as possible, it is edible you know. 😉
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