WP7 Game Gets Your Sticks Rizing

Here’s a quick bit of news about a free ad-based game on the Windows Phone 7 which is a dual stick arena shooter, so the controls are somewhat like using the analog sticks (do people still call them that?) of an Xbox 360 controller, anyway, it looks rather good and here’s a fact sheet…


  • Glow style acid graphics
  • Loads of enemies with different attacks and patterns
  • Random waves generated level by level
  • Power up you weapon to devastating levels
  • Improve your shields and heal up during fights!
  • Time your nukes to get extra bonuses
  • Random bosses created and assembled from different parts
  • 3 Different difficulty levels
  • Online leaderboard

Rizing is a dual stick shooter : that means that you’ve two virtual joysticks available that you can use to simultaneously move and fire in two different directions. Using the fine art of dodging bullets while shooting is vital if you wish to get the top scores!
Enemies & Bosses
Using something we can call ‘controlled chaos’ the game will pick at random from a list of suitable enemies level after level and generate at runtime waves, pauses and hectic moments.
Similarly, bosses are built around several different parts that are combined at every level to build the final enemy. The more you progress the more parts will be assembled, making the boss bigger and meaner.

You can find Rizing on the Marketplace if you want to check it out and to get more info, visit the Facebook page.

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