Play Ball On Your iPhone

Baseball games can be hit and miss (booo, bad pun), but Vitusoft seem to have taken some of the seriousness out of the game and made something fun with cartoon style graphics and a concept that sees just the pitcher and batter go against each other.

Game info:
The player can train own game characters just as wished, and further can decorate the character distinctively using various items.
‘Baseball Town’ will be comparable to that of commonplace baseball games by stylish characters and unique play grounds like a South-American style public square, a seaside and a meadow.

“Although the game looks very simple and easy in appearance, the real play is not simple. We put our heart and soul into the game to realize the elaborate and accurate system of batting and pitching. A player can feel lively the game as if he becomes a real baseball player as hitter or pitcher,”
“We considered many common cartoon engines to create the images we wanted, but we could not find a suitable cartoon engine for our game. For the reason, we developed D.Monster engine, the self-developed 3D engine. ‘Baseball Town’ shows high quality graphic and high performance on iPhone 3Gs as well,” said the developer.

If you’re still in need of more information, visit the official website.