Get a Little Racing Going

It’s always the same, you have some odd MS Points left and it’s just enough to buy something on Xbox Indie Games, but you choose a handful of potential purchases and still can’t make up your mind which one to pick. Look no further than Little Racers STREET which has now been updated to include online multiplayer.

Little Racers

Some game info:
Now you can pit your skills against up to 11 real opponents, and earn credits that will help you advance in the single player career, purchasing and upgrading new cars, and customizing them to your liking.
The multiplayer mode focuses on a fluid gameplay for everyone, much like Call of Duty: the game keeps going on no matter what happens while playing.
With over 200 events available, and 50+ customizable cars, the game offers hours of racing in different situations and weather conditions, making every race unique.
I’ve actually tried the game and for 80 MS Points, you won’t be disappointed. 47 tracks and 30 cars are available in the full game and for an indie title, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how smooth the graphics and sound are.

If you like the look of it, download it from Xbox Indie Games and try it out, then tell your friends so you can race against them!

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