Can A FIFA 11 Goalie Handle These Screens

EA has announced that gamers will be able to control the goalkeeper in FIFA 11, as well as releasing 22 screenshots where some of them feature the goalkeeper in action.
Be A Goalkeeper for FIFA 11 will enable fans to experience the thrill of playing as the keeper, and for the first time in a football videogame, will place control of all 22 players on the pitch in human hands.
Chelsea FC and Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Čech has been signed as the spokesperson for Be A Goalkeeper and will be featured in advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns.

[pe2-gallery class=”aligncenter” ]FIFA 1101.jpgFIFA 1102.jpgFIFA 1103.jpgFIFA 1104.jpgFIFA 1105.jpgFIFA 1106.jpgFIFA 1107.jpgFIFA 1108.jpgFIFA 1109.jpgFIFA 1110.jpgFIFA 1111.jpgFIFA 1112.jpg[/pe2-gallery]
Be A Goalkeeper is a completely new way to play—instead of thinking as a player out in the middle of the pitch, you have to think and react as the goalkeeper. Experience the thrill of the one on one battle, making the great save from a free kick, punching balls safely out of danger, the pressure of the corner, and most importantly, keeping a clean sheet. Be A Goalkeeper features three levels of accessibility with varying degrees of AI assistance—assisted, semi-assisted and fully manual. Fans will be able to compete as the goalie in Career Mode and enjoy a 15-year career or create themselves as the goalie in Virtual Pro 2.0 to learn the position, track stats, complete achievements and test themselves against the best players in the virtual world.
[pe2-gallery class=”aligncenter” ]FIFA 1113.jpgFIFA 1114.jpgFIFA 1115.jpgFIFA 1116.jpgFIFA 1117.jpgFIFA 1118.jpgFIFA 1119.jpgFIFA 1120.jpgFIFA 1121.jpgFIFA 1122.jpg[/pe2-gallery]
With control of the keeper now in human hands FIFA 11 will deliver an authentic replication of football online with 11 vs. 11 Online Team Play that locks people into the role of a single, fixed player the entire game. Now up to 11 friends on different consoles will be able to select and take control of their own individual players on the same team to compete against up to 11 rivals of another team.

“The phenomenal growth of online gaming and the desire of our fans to be able to play as the goalie was the driving force behind this innovation for FIFA 11,” said Kaz Makita, Executive Producer, EA SPORTS FIFA. “Friends can play alongside each other in their pro clubs with all 11 virtual players on the pitch human controlled. We have finally replicated football in the virtual world.”

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