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One Epic Android Game

The Mental Gamers FREE alarm started buzzing when news of this was spotted. Grip Games have decided to offer One Epic Game to you for absolutely free on the Android Market, chances are, it’s most likely ad-supported though.

Here’s a trailer for the PlayStation 3 version which was released back in 2011, expect the visuals to be similar…

Some game info:
One Epic Game contains five different worlds, like Zombie Outbreak and Alien Invasion that mock the gaming’s stereotypes. Alpha Dog, the game’s muscular protagonist must complete ten Story missions, each one with a different goal to accomplish. One Epic Game also offers seven “Challenges” that require the player to meet specific tasks, like killing only the marked enemies, or not kill any enemies at all.
Finally, the Android version of One Epic Game contains a new Perk system that allows the players to equip their character with weapons and power-ups before each mission to get even bigger over-the-top action and also to provide an advantage over the other players in the Leaderboards.
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