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A Touch of The Splatters

You’ll need to don those marigolds and do some Spring cleaning once you’re done splattering, well maybe not as the splattering will be done virtually on your Xbox 360 if you decide to buy The Splatters on the Xbox Live Arcade and to help you decide, here is some info and a trailer.

“Fans of the game have been following its development for quite some time and we can now say that we’re in the home stretch,” said Sagi Koren, co-founder of SpikySnail. “We’ve built a game that we believe will keep Xbox gamers having fun for a long time as the unique physics gameplay brings something fresh each and every time you play. It’s a very competitive and rewarding game and we’re anxiously waiting to see players show us moves that we haven’t even seen.”

Slam, Spin and Burst your way through the world of The Splatters, where you’re only as good as your last stunt, number of bombs, and highest score. In The Splatters, you take control of amorphous blobs of the same name that have only one goal in life, to go out in style.

  • Progressive Puzzles and stunts that can be performed to take out objectives as you try to clear the levels.
  • Multiple levels of challenge as you avoid obstacles and try different techniques and stunts with your blobs to beat the game at the three-star level.
  • Advanced Physics System that enables players to make their moves first as a gelatinous solid, and then as a liquid that reacts to the shape of the environment.
  • The Splatters TV lets you share your best rounds with your friends and also show the world your greatest stunts.

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