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Palm WebOS Finally Gets a Game

Sorry if I’m making fun here, it’s just that most ‘mobile’ news is usually iPhone stuff with a little bit of Symbian thrown in there, so it feels a little strange posting about Raging Thunder 2 of which Polarbit are bringing to the Palm WebOS.
Game info:
Raging Thunder 2 is an arcade street racer that has received much praise for its excellent graphics, fast-paced gameplay and rich multiplayer experience on Android Market and iTunes AppStore. Raging Thunder 2 features cross-platform competitive multiplayer, allowing Palm Pre and Pixi owners to race over the Internet against players running the game on Android or iPhone devices. Raging Thunder 2 also includes a well-rounded package of community features, such as online leaderboards and shareable ghost races.

It’s Polarbit’s first WebOS title and they plan on bringing a whole lot more including powerboat racer WaveBlazer, arcade shoot’em-up Armageddon Squadron, FPS ToonWarz, futuristic strategy game Iron Sight and brain-teasing puzzler Fuzzies some time in the near future.
There’s something called a Palm App Catalog apparently, where you can buy the game from… you learn something new every day!