Furry Legends Lands On WiiWare

Another bunch of releases this week on DSiWare and WiiWare see Fatal Fury 3 hit Virtual Console, run your own hospital in Hospital Havoc on DSiWare and Furry Legends launches on WiiWare.
(900 Wii Points, Neo Geo, D4Enterprise Co., Ltd.)

Released in 1995, this is the 4th game in the Beat ‘Em Up series, “Fatal Fury”.
Previous releases in the Fatal Fury series utilised a two-plane battle system allowing you to move and fight between the on-screen foreground and background planes. Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory has been revitalised to offer a three-plane format (foreground, background and main plane) known as the “Oversway System”. Characters will automatically move back to the main plane after having spent a certain period of time in the foreground or background planes, keeping you on your toes at all times.

Other new features include Combination Arts (the ability to execute combination attacks with simple button taps), Hidden Abilities (superior versions of previous popular Special Moves and Super Special Moves), minor tweaks to all the characters’ Special Moves and plenty more. This latest instalment provides the best strategies and tactics to date in the Fatal Fury Series.
Nintendo DSiWare – 3D Mahjong
(GameOn, 500 Nintendo DSi Points)

Relax your mind with this ancient memory game. 3D Mahjong features 50 different options of the traditional tile-matching game in stunning 3D, each with millions of different shuffle-options available.
The game’s style and interface has been designed for easy, intuitive operation with the stylus or control buttons and the graphics can also be customised with six fabulous tile-sets and backgrounds.
Sit back, relax and enjoy an endless challenge with this Mahjong game collection. Additional brain-teasing challenges come as part of the extra mini-games.
Please note that elements of this software may have been featured in previously released software.
Nintendo DSiWare – Hospital Havoc
(Hands-On Mobile, 500 Nintendo DSi Points)

Do you have what it takes to run your very own hospital? Help your doctor navigate through the high-octane havoc by admitting, diagnosing and treating some of the most whacky patients you’ll ever encounter. A fun, strategy game, Hospital Havoc presents a challenge to everyone. It comes with three levels of difficulty to choose from, including 20 career levels, 17 possible illnesses, three-to-six bed conditions, 11 challenging scenarios (including zombies), continuous play and a rousing replay ability. Personalise your doctors and nurses and utilise various power-ups and medical machines to help patch your patients up and send them home.
Nintendo DSiWare – Primrose
(Sabarasa, 200 Nintendo DSi Points)

Primrose rules are easy: there are no time limits, no levels or arbitrary objectives and best of all, there are no constraints. Take your time, set your own pace, establish your own goals and adapt your play style to whatever is most fun for you.
The aim is to place pairs of tiles on a grid and attempt to correlate groups of tiles with different coloured pieces. Having done this, the surrounding tiles will disappear and change colour, creating a chain reaction which triggers different combinations to build loads of points. You can play long matches and try to survive the increasing difficulty, or go all out on one huge, single move for the chance to win millions of points.
WiiWare – Furry Legends
(Gamelion, 1000 Wii Points)

The legend begins here… Play Furry Legends, the dynamic platform-adventure with the furriest features ever seen. Start the crazy adventure and solve the exciting, physics-based puzzles which take place in Furland, a fantastic 3D world. A humorous and weird place, Furland is populated by fantastical and funny creatures – five eyed crabs, round cows, crazy rabbits and, of course, the lovely Furballs.
The player controls these fluffy characters, each of which possess a different skill, such as the ability to manipulate time to influence the physics-based environment. Save the Furballs from their doom and protect Furland from Lord Squarie. Are you ready for this crazy fuzz-fest of an adventure?
WiiWare – Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs Robots
(Onteca, 500 Wii Points)

The planet Monsteca is no longer the harmonious world it once was. Overrun by an army of robots determined to rule and conquer, Monsteca natives – the Stompies – have no choice but to flee or be captured. Unable to defend themselves against such a heavily armoured group, the Stompies must rely on numbers alone, working as a team to defeat the troublesome robots.
Take control of the Stompies, the cute but not-so-bright monsters who, once awoken, need help to avoid being captured by invading robots. It is your duty to guide them successfully through each level.
Guide the Stompies towards ‘Energy Orb’ bonuses to increase the communal power of the herd. You can then use the energy you’ve collected to feed the Astromaggot, who will fly the Stompies to safety.
Key features include: a fun-filled 3D strategy game, twenty levels to conquer with hours of gameplay, achievement mode for increased difficulty and the only game with Astromaggots.