Play Tennis with An Android

SEGA are bringing their Virtua Tennis franchise to Android by announcing Virtua Tennis Challenge which is only available on select Sony Xperia devices at the moment, but will hopefully make it onto more phones in the future.

“Virtua Tennis Challenge is a well-crafted adaptation of the sport on a touchscreen,” said Haruki Satomi, Senior Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA. “We are pleased to present a variety of customization options for characters and play style for virtually endless replayability.”

Game info:
In Virtua Tennis Challenge, players can choose from and customize 50 characters with unique strengths and play styles, using the Xperia Play’s game pad or touch screen to unleash top spin smashes, slice shots, lobs, and more. The varying environments of the 18 stadiums also affect ball movement across clay, grass and indoor courts.
In SPT World Tour mode, players use the money they earn progressing through full virtual tennis seasons to buy into major tournaments. In Exhibition Match mode, players can quickly dive into a game in an unlocked court to play a single or doubles game. And since real tennis stars never play alone, Virtua Tennis Challenge also allows players to compete with friends and fellow amateurs over Bluetooth™ in single or doubles play.

“I love how the game represents real-life tennis movements with the touch mechanics,” said Sony Mobile’s Brand Ambassador and former World No 1, Caroline Wozniacki. “I will certainly be checking this one out in my down time, as I travel extensively I am always up for something new to entertain me on the go!”

Visit the Google Play page for more info.

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