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The PlayStation Orbis?

With plenty of rumours going around about Microsoft and the next Xbox, Sony felt a bit left out and decided to allow a ‘reliable source’ leak some details to Kotaku, although, Sony themselves refuse to comment about the information, nothing new there then.

The codename ‘Orbis’ seems to be what the next PlayStation console in development is known as and as Kotaku claim, it could be the final title since it would go with Vita to make Orbis Vita that translates from Latin as The Circle of Life.

The big shock is, it won’t be backwards compatible with PS3 games and, like the Vita, will tie games to the account they’re registered with, whether they’re bought on blu-ray or digital download.

DualShock 3 - Red & BlackThat’s not all, you will need an internet connection since there will be no ‘offline’ mode that just screams DRM and again, what if you don’t have access to the internet? Come on Sony, this is worse than Microsoft with expectations of everyone that buys a console has internet access, as hard as it may be to believe, not all console owners have the ability to connect their machine and go online.

Once the game is registered to your account, be sure that you only buy games you want to keep since trading it in will be one big headache for the pre-owned and rental business.

One of the better aspects is improved specifications and as was reported on the internet a while ago, they’re doing away with the cell processor and using a proper one based on AMD technology, including the GPU (graphics). The ability to play games in full HD will please people and also FULL HD 3D capabilities, all this could be yours when the next PlayStation is released ‘holidays 2013’ or in real money, between September and December, 2013.

Info sourced from Kotaku.