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[FREE!] Fallout on

It’s MG’s favourite word again, FREE and this time it’s a doozy as the fine folks at Good Old Games (who unfortunately use the lame ‘by gamers for gamers’ slogan) are giving away a game from one of the most successful franchises, ever!

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Everyone that knows anything about videogames has heard of Fallout, but many will just think of Oblivion, some will think they’re slightly more hardcore by mentioning Morrowind, what they have forgotten is that there were two (two and a half if you count Tactics) games before that.
For just 48 hours, Good Old Games are giving away the first game, Fallout. Not only do you get the game, but there’s a whole load of extras that come with it, so if you haven’t registered there yet, do so NOW and get your free Fallout, as well as others provided when you register like the classic Beneath a Steel Sky.
Visit for info about Fallout and to register and download the game!