X-Men Had To Start Somewhere

TopWare Interactive has announced an exciting new partnership with Polish development studio Bloober Team for the publication of A-men.  This will bring Bloober’s Playstation Vita title A-men to European and North American markets in the coming months.

Logo of Bloober Team

The blurb:
A-men is a platform-logic game reminiscent of many “old-school” platforming franchises.  Inspired by an age of games designed to challenge players to use game mechanics inventively, A-men is focused on thought provoking puzzle scenarios, absorbing entertainment, and a charmingly classic art-style.

“Many game publishers were interested in A-men, however TopWare demonstrated the most excitement. From among many options they chose to pursue A-men, a title which we believe compares favorably with the other games available on Playstion®Vita”, said Bloober Team’s President of the Management Board, Piotr Babieno. “TopWare guarantees professional cooperation and greatest commercial success potential for our game”.

A-men is a refreshing game that harkens back to the days of Lemmings™ and Lost Vikings™”, stated TopWare’s Managing Director James Seaman. “It’s a truly unique offering for the Vita platform, and will greatly appeal to those players with a penchant for classic puzzle-platformers.”

For more information, visit TopWare’s website: www.topware.com.

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