Hudson Host A Prank Party

Not too sure about these screens, it could be the source being funny by calling them ‘leaked’ due to the name of the game being Oops! Prank Party and them leaking out would be kind of an oops… well anyway, they’re from the Wii and is due out fairly soon.
[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] Oops Prank PartyI01.jpgOops Prank PartyI02.jpgOops Prank PartyI03.jpgOops Prank PartyI04.jpgOops Prank PartyI05.jpgOops Prank PartyI06.jpgOops Prank PartyI07.jpgOops Prank PartyI08.jpgOops Prank PartyI09.jpgOops Prank PartyI10.jpgOops Prank PartyI11.jpgOops Prank PartyI12.jpg[/pe2-gallery]