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Zelda Goes Virtual on 3DS

This week sees The Legend of Zelda arrive on the 3DS through the Virtual Console, but if that doesn’t interest you and prefer some classic fighting action, you may want to head on over to WiiWare and take part in a first for the Wii Virtual Console.

Link fights enemies on the overland map of Hyr...

The Legend of Zelda
Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console) Nintendo eShop €5 / £4.50 (UK Only)
Game Description: Armed with a sword, shield and your wits, Link must retrieve the eight fragments of Triforce and save Princess Zelda. Battle across dangerous dungeons and uncover a myriad of secrets in this classic game.
Crystal Caverns of Amon-Ra (Selectsoft)
Nintendo 3DS(DSiWare) Nintendo eShop €5 / £4.50 (UK Only)
Nintendo DSi (DSiWare) Nintendo DSi Shop 500 Nintendo DSi Points
Game Description: Capture the riches of the Crystal Caverns of Amon-Ra by capturing the crystal spheres before they reach the Pit of Fire. Featuring three different game modes, 10 diverse worlds and 14 special power-ups, this title offers the perfect combination of action and puzzle fun.
I Must Run! (Gamelion) Nintendo 3DS
(DSiWare) Nintendo eShop €2 / £1.80 (UK Only)
Nintendo DSi (DSiWare) Nintendo DSi Shop 200 Nintendo DSi Points
Game Description: You have just 24 hours to save your wife! Dash across the city centre, run through an underground station, and test your reflexes in a deadly dash over building site cranes. Complete this story mode and challenge yourself to the highest score in the never-ending run mode in six levels.
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (CAPCOM) Wii
(Virtual Console) Wii Shop Channel 800 Wii Points
Game Description: Choose from 16 different fighters from around the including four new contenders to really add an extra punch; British special forces agent Cammy, Mexican warrior T. Hawk, Hong Kong action star Fei-Long and Jamaican kickboxer Dee Jay.
Also, in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers on Virtual Console for Wii, you can battle in elimination tournaments, local fights and against other challengers in heated online battles, the first time a Virtual Console title on Wii supports online multiplayer.