Doom 3 Loads a BFG

Doom 3 was such a pain to play without mods and especially a torch mod, it was kind of stupid to think that the average ass-kicker wouldn’t tape a torch to the gun, but Bethesda are bringing Doom 3 BFG Edition to the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3, completely remastered.

Gaming aficionado’s will know that Doom has never appeared on the PlayStation 3 and what better way than to bring it in the form of Doom 3 and the Resurrection of Evil add-on pack, in glorious HD and 5.1 surround sound?!

“DOOM 3 was enthusiastically embraced by gamers worldwide at its release,” said John Carmack, Technical Director at id Software. “Today, the full experience has been enhanced and extended to be better than ever, and is delivered across all the platforms with a silky smooth frame rate and highly responsive controls. New support for 3D TVs, monitors, and head mounted displays also allows players to experience the game with more depth than ever before. We think shooter fans everywhere will love it.”

There will also be a ‘never-before-seen single-player story’ called The Lost Mission (dun durr) that features seven new levels of alien blasting madness. The much needed torch will be included, but it won’t be attached to any weapons, it will actually be armour-mounted to allow your hands free to utilise whichever weapon you choose.

There isn’t a release date just yet, but included with the BFG Edition will be the original Doom and Doom 2, allowing gamers to experience the legendary titles which headlined the start of first-person shooters. Doom 3 though, will  have 3D capabilities for those of you with 3D TVs, Achievements for the Xbox 360 and Trophies on the PlayStation 3 and a very welcome ‘check point save system’ that should help relieve the stress of getting deep into a level, then getting killed and having to do it all again.
Welcome back to Hell…