Zeno Clash Sequel Announced

Do you remember that relatively unknown hit called Zeno Clash? It had a brief moment of fame and sunk into obscurity just as quick, well ATLUS and ACE Team have announced that Zeno Clash II is in development and coming to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC (Steam) in 2013.

“The world of Zenozoik is one of wild dreams and wilder nightmares,” stated Andres Bordeu, co-founder of ACE Team.  “This is part of the reason we are working on Zeno Clash II, to give players the opportunity to explore Zenozoik with a friend via online cooperative multiplayer, turning those moments of wonder and awe into a shared adventure.  We will make certain that going back and forth between solo and cooperative play preserves the consistency and impact of the narrative experience, while still allowing friends easily drop in and out of the game’s fulfilling exploration and visceral melee combat.”

Zeno Clash screenshot.

Building upon the daring visual design and gratifying first-person fisticuffs of the acclaimed original, Zeno Clash II is bigger, bolder, and better in every way. Zenozoik comes alive like never before, an open world waiting to be explored, one rendered with breathtaking splendor. As Ghat, players can fully and freely explore every natural and architectural wonder his world has to offer. In addition to most of the characters, enemies, and items from the first game-all of which return with dramatic visual enhancement-Ghat can also expect to encounter awe-inspiring new sights, jaw-dropping new creature designs, and wildly creative new weapons and items.
Apparently, the whole game will be more refined than its predecessor, include RPG elements and have co-op multiplayer so that Ghat can be joined by his sister, Rimat at any time with the drop-in/drop-out gameplay.
If you need anymore information, to see screens and video, visit www.zenoclash2.com.