Jump ‘n Bounce On The Xbox Indie Games

DeRail Games have launched their first game onto Xbox Live Indie Games which is based on classic retro style gaming and uses a unique combination of old-school gameplay and modern-day level design.

Game info:
Just like the arcade games of old, Jump?n Bounce is about high scores, time bonuses, juicy pickups and destructible level elements. And of course we haven’t forgotten the ‘Speed Runners’: Streamlined level design give skilled players an advantage, as they master the bouncing emoticon movements. Challenges that seem impossible at first will easily be overcome by practicing over and over again. Exceptionally skilled players will be able to set amazing time records and unbelievable high scores.

Each Jump’n Bounce level consists of only one screen. There’s no screen scrolling or camera movement. This gives you the opportunity to plan your moves one level at a time. But remember: there is a lot of obstacles – as well as Hug himself – constantly moving around, and you may find out that your plan is hopelessly out of sync as soon as you make your first bounce towards the level exit.
Linkage: See details on the Marketplace