Worms Reloaded Launches On Steam

Team17 have launched Worms Reloaded on Steam, so those of you that have pre-ordered will be able to play it with everyone else that buys it from today.

“It’s with tremendous satisfaction that we can finally release a PC Worms title after what seems like an eternity, particularly as we’re self-publishing it. This means the connection between our passionate community and the development team itself has never been closer”, said Martyn Brown, Business Development Director at Team17.

Check the garb:
With a reach that spans generations, and a gameplay style that is both classic and fresh in equal measures, Worms Reloaded sports over 60 single-player missions, full team and game style customization, landscape editing tools including the ability to import images, HD visuals and all the best weapons from Worms series past and present.

“Because of that, we’ll see discussion, support and development of the game going forward, with further additional content and interaction with our community, given the wide customization opportunities in the game.”

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