Alien Breed Coming to iOS

It’s good when there is news of classic games being released onto new platforms and formats, Team17 has announced that Alien Breed is making its way onto all iOS devices, not the iPod Nano of course, that would just be silly.

Alien Breed iOS 01 Alien Breed iOS 02 Alien Breed iOS 03

It will be a universal app that can be played on the iPhone (3GS+), iPod Touch (3rd Gen+) or iPad and feature three different sets of maps from the original 1991 Alien Breed, Alien Breed Special Edition and an all new experience in the shape of Alien Breed Convergence.

Alien Breed iOS 04 Alien Breed iOS 05 Alien Breed iOS 06

For those of you that have an iCade or Gametel Controller, you’ll be pleased to know that those will be supported and for purists of the survival-horror, you can choose to play with Amiga graphics for that old-school feel or for owners of the iPad 3, retina-display imagery.

Alien Breed iOS 07 Alien Breed iOS 08 Alien Breed iOS 09

Alien Breed is due to be released for iOS devices some time in August, enjoy the screenshots and if you need more information, visit

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