Mount & Blade: Warband Gets Free DLC

Yay, more free stuff, only, you need to have bought Mount & Blade: Warband to be able to make use of the free downloadable content that gives over 70 new achievements.
Ye olde info:
Explore three new maps in the new DLC. Fight your way through a multi-level forest encampment and experience conquest mode likes never before in the Forest Hideout or take on new thrills in siege warfare by sending players to the desert to take or defend Jamait Castle. If you think you have what it takes to stand out in dual mode, prove it in The Arena; this large coliseum is the perfect place to handle disputes the old fashioned way. The DLC is available for all gamers who have purchased Mount & Blade: Warband.

Amass a collection of amazing achievements, like “Mace in yer face!” and “Shish Kebab” that prove your fortitude and prowess on the multi-player battlefield. Seek new acclaim in single player mode with glorious achievements like “help help I’m being repressed,” “Old dirty scoundrel,” “Mind on the Money,” and much more! Finally, prove your love for Mount & Blade: Warband by earning elite combination achievements rewarded from deeds in single and multi-player modes. The achievements are exclusive to Steam users.
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