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Spy vs Spy Is Top of App Store

For anyone that follows us on Twitter* (@MGaceman & @Mental_Gamers), you will have seen that Spy vs Spy had a permanent price drop on the App Store from it’s initial £1.49 to just 69p and that’s what has helped it become the number one selling game.

Spy vs. Spy (1984 video game)It’s not just because of the price drop though, good reviews also helped:

  • TechCrunch says, “if you still remember the sly snicker of the black spy as the white spy is blown sky high, it’s well worth the investment.”
  • “This new iOS version is a faithful recreation of the original and an excellent update at the same time,” says InsideMobileApps.
  • 148Apps says, “Robots and Pencils Inc. have done a wonderful thing. For fans of the original Spy vs Spy, the chance to play this game in a modern setting with updated graphics is awesome.”
  • “Spy vs Spy is a solid revamp for the new age of mobile devices that definitely brings back the memory of the original title. Fans of the original should go for it, while newcomers should try this out for sure ’cause this is a heck of a game,” said iDroidPlay.
  • “Spy vs Spy” was also awarded a Bronze Award by Pocket Gamer; Cult of Mac named it a Must Have; Gametrailers named it their App of the Day; and GamingUpdate made it their game of the week.

Although the press release mentions that it will go back up to ‘$1.99’ after a promotional period, the iTunes App Page says they’re, “extending the sale price indefinitely” which basically means forever.
So, why not own a classic for just 69p (99c)?! Visit the iTunes App Page for more info.
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