Mel B Shows Some Resistance

Blaze has announced a new Fitness First product that is being endorsed by ex Spice Girls and Mrs Eddie Murphy, Mel B. The Wii Fitness First Resistance kit will add extra tension to your workout on whichever fitness title you use on the Wii to get rid of those flabby bits.
Product info:
Firstly, included in the kit as a pre-tensioned resistance band. This band is made from highly durable and extra resistant materials, giving the perfect amount of extra resistance when using your console to exercise.
This added resistance forces your body to work harder when following the on-screen instructions, ensuring you take 100% from every session.
This new BLAZE Fitness First Resistance kit is for those people who want to step it up a level, no longer content with the weight free exercise, wanting to see gym style results in their own homes.
With your hands working the resistance band, you will need somewhere to put your controllers, right? The handy inclusion of an arm and leg strap, securely holds your Wii Nunchuk and Wii mote close to your body, giving you convenient access to the controls should you want to change your exercise or navigate the Wii menus.
These straps offer comfort as well as convenience, being made from super soft, flexible materials. The straps are designed specifically to hold your controllers, keeping them secure enough to stop them moving around, but comfortable enough for you to forget they are even there!
If you’re looking to get a female friend and/or relative something for a prezzie, the BLAZE Fitness First Mel B Resistance kit will be available in October from as well as the usual suppliers of such things.