Fuel Overdose First Trailer

I like a good racing game that doesn’t require a lot of thought, that’s pretty much the whole point of playing videogames, as a mindless escape when you just want to relax and enjoy some fast, action-paced excitement to pass the time away.

That’s where a game like Fuel Overdose comes in. It’s not particularly unique, but has enough going on to keep you occupied for ages. Here’s the first trailer, bonus points if you can name the games it reminds you of, I’ll start you off with Zombie Driver…

Features you can expect in the game:

  • The good old feeling of top-down/isometric racing
  • Grappling hooks to grab your enemies and perform perfect turns
  • A wide variety of vehicles, driving styles and customization options
  • An array of advanced techniques: skidding, drifting and spins
  • For the race purists, offline and online weapon-free and drift challenges and game modes

As you can probably tell from the end of that trailer, another one is coming soon, stay tuned…