Marvel vs Capcom Finds Origins

North Americans will be able to buy Marvel vs Capcom Origins on PlayStation Network on September 25th for $14.99 and on Xbox LIVE Arcade on September 26th for 1200 Microsoft Points. They didn’t give any UK information.

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Offers both the one-on-one gameplay of Marvel Super Heroes with its unique Infinity Gem system and the two-on-two carnage of the original Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, featuring a tag system, assists, and the wild Duo Team Attack
ONLINE PLAY: GGPO-netcode enabled play with adjustable settings allows for smooth online matches
SPECTATOR MODE: Fighters battling to be on top can check out and discuss the competition while waiting their turn to upset the current winner
HD GRAPHICAL OPTIONS: Tailor the look of the game with customizable graphical upgrades, including smooth widescreen for a more contemporary feel. Or, travel back to the ‘90s with a variety of arcade cabinet mode options, such as an old school over-the-shoulder view
DYNAMIC CHALLENGES AND UNLOCKABLE VAULT: Players can test their skills while fighting others by accomplishing challenges which unlock achievements and earn points. The points can be traded in to unlock new content such as artwork, movies, and hidden characters
REPLAY SAVING: Players can re-live their matches through local replay saving