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Mother Gets Game Banned For U.S. Soldiers

There is really no valid reason why this woman should even have a say what the U.S. military do in their spare time, do they think it’s gonna want to make them go out and kill people? Oh wait, they’re soldiers in the US Army, it’s their job to kill people, why ban a videogame from being played on U.S. military bases?

Jack Thompson (attorney) speaking at a debate ...If anything, they obviously know the difference between Real-LifeTM and a videogame, they’re trained in actual combat which means what they can do in games like Battlefield, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, they’re paid to do for real.
So she lost her son, many many other families have lost their son, daughter, mother, father, uncle, cousin or whichever relative caught in a conflict and unfortunatly lost their lives, has she suddenly become the Jack Thompson of the military? Let’s hope that there are no wars featuring people/cultures or religions in any future games, she’ll be right there to complain again that they shouldn’t play games based on actual armies and/or militia groups, regardless of them actually being directly involved with the conflict.