Free GAME Wi-Fi, Almost

GAME has reportedly made a deal with British Telecom (BT) that will bring free Wi-Fi into each one of their 341 stores across the UK, but not everyone will be able to take advantage of it, mainly because you will need to be a BT customer to have access to it.

‪中文(繁體)‬: 台灣基隆市免費Wi-Fi上網服務區標示牌What GAME are hoping to achieve is with the ability for customers to browse online as well as in-store to create “a new environment for gamers to interact and discover new titles” or simply, go online and browse their website while being in the shop, how meta.
Martyn Gibbs, CEO GAME Retail, said:

“The introduction of in-store wi-fi signals a new level of customer experience and a major step towards achieving our vision of delivering excellence for the UK gaming community.

“Just as in the music and home movie market, online has revolutionised the way we discover and access new video games. As a company we are constantly evolving, listening to our customers and adapting our approach to deliver for them.”
It’s not exactly clear how it will work, will they charge online prices in-store and what about customers who don’t have a home BT connection and therefore, a login to be able to access the Wi-Fi? CEO of BT Wi-Fi, Andy Baker says that Ofcom reckons 39% of adults own a smartphone these days which they use whenever out and about shopping, while that’s probably true, how many of us are actually just being dragged around by our other halves as we spend all the time waiting for them on Twitter?
If we do use the phone to go online and research products, it’s to see if it’s cheaper elsewhere and knowing GAME’s prices, that won’t be too difficult, so the chances are that it could backfire by allowing customers to use that free Wi-Fi to order a less costly alternative.
You will be able to download an app while in-store by scanning a QR code which should give you access to further information about products, such as reviews, videos, news and special offers. Let’s just hope that the Wi-Fi won’t require you to be a BT customer or have other silly annoyances like having to confirm via a browser.
Check out and see what they have to offer.

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