NiGHTS & More Sonic Heading To Consoles

It seems HD remakes is still a trend and so the next couple of classic titles from SEGA are also getting the High Definition treatment, NiGHTS Into Dreams and Sonic Adventure 2 have been announced to be released in October.

For a cost of 800 Microsoft Points or €7.99 (£6.99), you’ll be able to buy each game on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network respectively from October 3rd, not only that, some Day One DLC for Sonic Adventure 2 will be available at 240 MSP. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Mode will include some extra maps and apparently characters from the Gamecube version of the “very popular” Chao Karate.


For purchasers of NiGHTS Into Dreams, you will get bonus content in the form of Christmas NiGHTS which only previously available as a magazine freebie and never actually sold separately.
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