CastleMiner Z Breaks XBLIG Record

It’s not that often you hear of so many sales relating to Xbox LIVE Indie Games as they probably don’t really do that well, even though they generally only cost 80 Microsoft Points, it seems CastleMiner Z is an exception to the rule.

DigitalDNA Games has announced that CastleMiner z is the first XBLIG title to achieve over one million sales and in just ten months, which is what makes it the record breaker and best seller of all time, mate.
CastleMiner Z is voxel/sandbox  zombie survival game, where the player can build and mine in an infinitely large but very hostile world, crafting items from the environment needed to survive including a range of guns and ammunition.
As usual, there is a trial available and if you think it’s worth 80 MSP, then you have the chance to unlock it, but you’ll need to download it first.
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