Not Popped Your Cherry Yet?

We’re not talking about Pac-Man here, but good old Date-A-Gamer or as its compadre is known, Shag-A-Gamer, thinks you still need a hand with your dating skills (haven’t you levelled up yet?) since, and this is the best bit, a poll reckons that over a third of gamers are still virgins.

That’s right, no idea who conducted the poll and there doesn’t appear to be anything to back up the claims that 184 out of 500 “gamers” said that they were still virgins, so in a bid to gain more publicity for the ‘gamer dating site’ which doesn’t even seem to feature gamers specifically anyway, they made a video for you to get some tips from.
[Update] Removed video due to them getting banned from YouTube and can’t be bothered to link to the DailyMotion one. creator Tom Thurlow explains:

“Many of our members just want to get out there and have a good time, but more often than not they just don’t know how to talk to members of the opposite sex, let alone get them into bed.

“We’re hoping that this series will provide them with all of the tools they need to get out there, get dating and start scoring.”
Seriously, I’ve seen what’s on offer and the women don’t care who or what you are, it’s just another dating site, the ‘gamer’ thing is just to try and get more sad and lonely people to lurk more on the internet.

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