Get Your Hands on Hairy Balls

Oh come on, Redtribe gave it that title for good reason, if any other site covering this news doesn’t use a similar headline, then they’re doing it wrong since that’s what the developers expect of you.

So what makes Hairy Balls so popular?

  • With over 9,500 review ratings, Hairy Balls stands proud with an average 4.5 out of 5
  • Over 1.5 million games of Hairy Balls is played everyday
  • Number 2 free puzzle game on iPad; number 4 on iPhone
  • Number 3 free family game on iPad; number 4 on iPhone
  • Number 13 free game overall on iPad
  • Number 16 free game overall on iPhone

Not too bad from a relatively unknown Australian company, but that’s not all, if you think I was bad, have you seen the trailer?

It’s so rude, I’m not linking to it on iTunes…