Julian Gollop Announces Chaos Remake

Well, technically, he said “sequel/remake” of his classic ZX Spectrum game, Chaos which is the classic game that was quite possibly the first ever to have up to eight player multiplayer on a home computer.

That tweet is just official confirmation, in a previous tweet, he considers remaking Chaos for the iPad and then another tweet just yesterday confirms that he has actually started the remake.

A Kwalee developer showed some interest and asked Julian if he needed any help, James Horn is an iOS developer who has previously helped with console titles such as DJ Hero and DiRT, but unless they’re collaborating elsewhere away from Twitter, it appears that there is no further information at the moment.

Gollop is planning to release it on various platforms as mentioned in the tweet and since he’ll be using Unity3D, it will be quite a bit different from the old classic Speccy version.

Someone tried to remake Chaos a while ago and called it “Chaos Funk” (pictured), it had slightly enhanced graphics and basically the same gameplay, but was an unofficial clone. There was also a more advanced clone/remake known as “Chaos Groove” which seems to have ceased development a few years ago.

Chaos Funk

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