Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia

There are guides and there are books, but when something is worthy of an encyclopedia, that’s when you realise just how big it is and considering Star Wars: The Old Republic is an immense world, it needed a substantial book to cover it.

SWTOR Enc coverSubstantial is probably an understatement, it is THE definitive guide to EVERYTHING about whatever you can think of, if it’s in Star Wars: The Old Republic, it’s in this encyclopedia.
The book is as thick as two Bradygames guides, yet is only around 100 pages more and is around four centimeters taller and wider, I think you get the message that this book is bigger than average, which is why it also costs more. A standard guide will cost approximately £12.99, this encyclopedia from DK will cost you £30 which is really not that bad for all the extensive work that has gone into producing such a marvelous item.
Each page is glossy with vibrant colours, you can even see the printing definition, the lettering is glossed against transparent backgrounds of which you get to see the screenshots and artwork in vivid detail. Each section starts with a double title page featuring unique artwork and where graphics or screenshots aren’t used, more artwork takes its place.
Mandalorians, The Sith Empire or The Hut Cartel, whatever you need to know is there. Find out what the Mask of Mandalore is, see who the smuggler companions are in the seedy underworld, their species and how much bounty is on their head, even which weapons they use. Speaking of bounty, there’s even a section on Bounty Hunters for you to read and discover what it takes to be a successful one, see who the companions are and which armour and weapons they use.
SWTOR Enc Species
I may as well go ahead and say it’s the most comprehensive guide you can buy and will ever need for Star Wars: The Old Republic, there is just so much information about pretty much everyone in the SWTOR galaxy. Ever wanted to know what the Principles of the Jedi are? Who Grand Master Satele Shan is? If you’d like a rundown of who the Sentient and Non-Sentient species are, they’re all here, from Human to Vorantikus.
What is an encyclopedia? I’m not here to give you the actual definition, it’s something that gives you a reference to a particular subject and goes into more detail than a rough guide or dictionary. All the characters, including the droids you were looking for are there and so much more in those 352 pages and the best thing is, the authors have managed to avoid as many spoilers as possible as informed at the beginning.
If you think you already know everything about something in the SWTOR universe, think again, because as mentioned in the Author’s Note, some things are only hinted at and not entirely divulged. The book doesn’t specify which date or dates events occur, although, The Old Republic events began 3,640 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) and there is a timeline of events leading up to that date. What happens after that is entirely up to the player, what Faction they choose, which character and how they wish to play out their adventure.
SWTOR Enc Sith Emporer
Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia is obviously aimed towards the most avid fan of the game, it serves as the ultimate almanac should they need to envelop their characters traits and background for the best experience. Star Wars fans may want to take a look if they want to expand on their knowledge, regardless of whether the play the game or not and there’s a good chance that they do, regularly or occasionally, it doesn’t matter since the book is a great read anyway.
A big book at a fairly big price may not seem appealing, there’s really nothing to fault, quality glossy pages and very well constructed in terms of how sturdy it is. If you need to know anything about anything, especially if you want to get the best out of the online universe, I would strongly recommend getting the book and delving into its pages with wild abandon!

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