Limited 3DS On the Way

There’s nothing like owning a limited edition of a console, unfortunately, the UK doesn’t have much access to that many different coloured Xbox 360’s, PlayStation 3’s or Wii’s like in other countries such as Japan and the US.

Super Mario 3D LandWhat we are seeing more of comes in the form of special versions of handhelds and more specifically, the Nintendo 3DS, not only that, but the 3DS XL. There will be two Mario 3DS XL’s available and will come with either Mario Kart 7 or Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed, with the MK7 version released from tomorrow, November 16th and the 3D Land version from November 30th.
December 7th will be when Pokémon fans can get their hands on the ultra limited edition yellow Pikachu 3DS XL and apparently, they really are very limited with no others to be available once they’re sold out. While this is nice to have limited edition handhelds, it’s a pity the home console isn’t catered for in a similar fashion.

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