Raiden Takes Revengeance on MGR

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is the upcoming title from Konami, developed by Kojima Productions and PlatinumGames and features Raiden as the main character for a change instead of the traditional Solid Snake.

Konami has released some screenshots and character ‘facts’ for you to see of who are featured in the game.

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Raiden (voice: Quinton Flynn)
MGR_Raiden_smA cyborg who wields a “high-frequency blade” capable of cutting down even the largest unmanned weapons. Born in Liberia, he lost his family in that country’s civil war before becoming a child soldier. After the war, he was rescued by a human rights group and taken to America. However, he found himself unable to adapt to peaceful society, and, after coming to the attention of the shadowy group known as the “Patriots,” he became an experimental subject for their “S3 Plan.”

After being turned into a cyborg by the Patriots, Raiden devoted himself to fighting them. He had a child with Rosemary, a woman he met during the S3 Plan, so to provide for his family after the defeat of the Patriots, he joined a private military security company (PMSC) called “Maverick Security Consulting.” He considers his PMSC activities to be for the greater good.

Samuel Rodrigues (voice: Philip Anthony-Rodriguez )
MGR_Samuel_smA mysterious cyborg employed by the PMC known as “Desperado Enforcement.” He is a master swordsman who wields a high-frequency blade similar to Raiden’s, fighting with a Brazilian technique influenced by the Japanese “New Shadow School” of swordsmanship. When he faces Raiden in battle, he sees through his technique, commenting that Raiden was “denying his weapon of its purpose.”

LQ-84i (voice: Michael Beattie)
MGR_Bladewolf_smA robot with a learning optical neuro-AI and a prototype verbal interface. He appears in front of Raiden, having been ordered by Desperado to kill him. He talks with Raiden, insisting that he is sentient and does not want to fight him, but will have his consciousness erased if he goes against his orders. He is an important character who holds the key to the game’s story.

Sundowner (voice: Crispin Freeman)
New_MGR_Sundowner_sm“The man seen as the virtual leader of Desperado Enforcement. He goes by the codename “Sundowner” — a reference to the hot, dry winds of California.

He has a special cyborg body superior to that of an average cyborg contractor, and belongs to a group known as feared as the “”Winds of Destruction.”” He uses a dual-wielding technique and is armed with a large high-frequency machete called “Bloodlust.”

Mistral (voice: Salli Saffioti)
New_MGR_Mistral_smA female cyborg working for Desperado Enforcement. Like Sundowner, she is also a member of the “Winds of Destruction.” Her name comes from the dry north wind that blows over the Alps to the Mediterranean. Her weapon “Etranger” is flexible like a whip, but can be hardened and used like a halberd.

Monsoon (voice: John Kassir)
New_MGR_Monsoon_sm“Works for Desperado Enforcement. Along with Sundowner and Mistral, he is one of the three cyborgs collectively known as the “Winds of Destruction.”

His codename refers to seasonal winds that bring rain — particularly in Southeast Asia. He is a master at wielding his magnetic sai, known as “Dystopia,” and is able to break his own body apart.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has a scheduled release date of February 21st, 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.