What a Load of Sh*t

Quite literally since the game in question is Toilet Tycoon, yes, a toilet simulator. Everyone at some point has probably asked or made a statement about tycoon and simulator games and how they’re surprised a game like this hasn’t been made.

48 temporary compost toiletAs you can guess due to the fact this post is now in existence and it’s informing you of such a tycoon game has in fact been created, you can always trust the Germans to provide the planet with some crap or other.

“The time of the Sleeping Beauty is over”, says CEO Matthias Hofmann, “We’re ready to make the whole world happy with our fantastic game Toilet Tycoon. And that’s just the beginning!”
“With the release of the download version we’d like to give the whole of humankind the chance to buy the beloved Toilet Tycoon. Because of the great price, the low hardware requirements and the timeless and funny gameplay we’re sure to find billions of new customers – and we’re confident to become millionaires finally!”, says Hofmann.

This isn’t the first time Toilet Tycoon has been around, the original dates back to the 1990’s and was known as Klomanager (klo is German for ‘toilet’ or ‘loo’) when released on the Atari ST, now gamers worldwide can indulge in managing poop.
Get all what you need to know at www.toilettycoon.com.