Download A Haunted House

Haunted House on the Atari 2600
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A proper retro game is getting a remake and by the company that originally published it, Atari, who have announced that a remade PC version is now available to download.
Haunted House pays homage to the classic favourite as players solve mysteries in Graves Mansion as the grandchildren of the original character, Samuel Silverspring, who disappeared without a trace in the evil mansion nearly 30 years ago. Chased by pesky poltergeists, haunted by scary skeletons and ravenous rats, players are immersed in a goosebump-inducing adventure to explore the dark and creepy depths of Graves Mansion in search of the four lost pieces of a magical urn. The player’s goal is to reassemble the urn and defend their family’s legacy with the aid of mystical tomes, powerful light sources and mysterious artifacts.

It looks quite different to the old classic Atari 2600 console graphics due to capabilities being a tad better these days and not just being blocky 8-bit straight lined rooms/buildings/etc.
More info and how to download it can be found at
It’s £9.99 on Steam.