What a Load of Gubble

Actual Entertainment have gone into developing iPad titles and have recently announced Gubble HD that’s basically an enhanced version of the original due to new touch controls and HD graphics.

“We’re thrilled to make Gubble HD available on the iPad.  It’s the perfect platform for this classic game” said Franz Lanzinger, president of Actual Entertainment. “My jaw dropped when we first got it working on the iPad!”

The gubbins:
Gubble HD is a family-oriented non-violent action arcade game, designed by game players to be fun for people of all ages. You are Gubble D Gleep, lovable purple space alien with a funny voice.  Your goal is to take apart a bunch of structures by using the right tools to remove all of the screws, nails, bolts and other hardware on each level.

Developed by Franz Lanzinger, famous for the classic Crystal Castles,  and Eric Ginner, legendary arcade player and developer,  Gubble HD is a challenging romp in five worlds of over sixty levels.

Eric Ginner, who did most of the coding, said: “We were able to use most of the code from the original game,  developed 14 years ago!”.

Open up the iTunes App Store and check it out for yourself.

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