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Pack Up and Move To Next Island

Next Island is the cutting-edge, pick-up-and-play virtual world designed for gamers of all kinds, from casual to hardcore. Featuring a cash economy where players can earn real-world currency, and a deep back-story driven by exploration and time travel, Next Island is easy to play, but offers deep challenges that are difficult to master.
Next Island
Running on the industry-leading Entropia Universe platform, Next Island features stunning 3-D graphics, taking players on a journey through the ages, from the near-future to Ancient Greece and beyond. Adventurers can experience exotic destinations throughout time from the comfort of their own computer.


  • Endless Exploration – At launch the world of Next Island provides nearly 150,000 square feet of lush jungle, towering mountains and shimmering lakes, all presented in rich detail thanks to Crytek’s CryEngine2. The game will also feature unique celebrity-created content and licensed virtual venues as well as historically accurate destinations, lending familiar elements from players’ everyday lives to this gorgeous virtual world.
  • Social Circle – Players can relax and socialize with fellow Next Island residents at a variety of bustling attractions, including the world-famous Caroline’s On Broadway, a comedy club where they’ll be treated to exclusive sets from real-world comedy acts. Facebook integration allows gamers to connect with friends on multiple platforms, boast their accomplishments and share their online travels.

  • Immersive Back-story – The rich sci-fi back-story immerses players in a universe of infinite possibilities. A mysterious time-travel element transports the resident’s of Next Island to exciting locations throughout history. Five unique eras will be available at launch, with more in development, to constantly refresh the gameplay, scenery and variety of collectible items that players can buy and sell in the marketplace.
  • Real Cash Economy – Next Island features a marketplace where players can exchange virtual goods that they’ve created or collected during their in-game travels for real-world currency via micro-transactions with other players, allowing savvy fans the opportunity to earn money while playing.

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